Cat Roskev

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Name Catherine "Katy" Roskev
Male or female? female
Age of character:25
The ethnic origin/nationality of your character. Luna City, The moon. Russian.
Job: Engineer
Hair: short,black
HT: 5'5
weight:none of your business :)
general discription: atheltic build and somewhat stocky, resembling a mini
personality and interests.
perverted. totally and completely there's no hope. she has the odd ability to
take almost any phrase and take it to where it doesn't need to be. though she
keeps this to herself in front of superiors. she is kind and very loyal to her
friends but has been known to hold grudges when really insulted. She loves to
take things apart and put them together again. Her free time is also spent at
parties as she likes to dance. History is a fav topic. where else can you get
the blood and gore? :). Also a secret hopeless romantic but would not willingly
admit it.
Born on earth in the Russian confederation her family(including 6 siblings)
moved to luna when she was 14. She did well in school without seemingly trying,
she played the ancient game of rugby and no one mocked her grades. she got into
frequent trouble though for taking school equipment apart and not putting it
back ogether again like the school transport(her senior prank) or the Principals
vechile. She went to JMC academy mainly to got out on her own. After graduation
she drove short range transport trucks, even in the more dangerous areas. She
was short but dangerous as others have come to know. She rather liked, the money
was good. But when she heard about Blue Dwarf she figured excitement was better
so she jumped ship to the Blue Dwarf and never looked back.
9) Favourite quote/ saying/ piece of advice?
"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it"

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