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Smegging typical, already on this away mission Jay had been attacked by
monsters nearly drowned in the lake and now, after going down the passageway
with Smegg to find out what had happened to Alota, had been chased by a
paper mache boulder and now was being carried off by two alien tribespeople,
AND Alota was still missing. (OOC at least i payed attention!)
"So fellas" Jay said to the the tribesmen who had him hooked by each arm
dragging him backwards his feet scraping along the floor behind, "Where ya
taking me?, the bar?"
"Silence!" the one on his left arm snapped.
Jay took a guess that opening that can had been a pretty dumb thing to do.
he had to think of an excuse for Whitewolf, but first he had to figure a way
out of this.
before long he was thrown face first into a cage made of Bamboo shoots. his
back pack and jacket were taken off him, leaving him with only his flight
"So whats the number for room service!" Chrysler shouted to one of the
Guards outside.
"Silence!" there was that word again..."No speaking execution will be at
dawn the day after tommorow"
Jay lay on the floor of his cage, pondering over his predicament, the sacred
object happened to be a can of beans....he remembered DJ had gotten annoyed
with him earlier for throwing an empty can to the ground..he had more in his
pack....maybe he could convince them not to kill him if he gave them more
'sacred artifacts' problem he couldnt get to his pack and there was
noone around to do it for him.....smeg......
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> <The Temple>
> -----Snip-----
> Just then, a rather annoyed looking tribeperson dropped the
> nearly inert form of Major Harris, who was sporting a rather pointy
> pink mohawk on the floor next to another door, and he began to
> jibber, "The kids... they took my gun away... and piled onto me! The
> little buggers mugged me!" before falling into a inert catatonic
> state again in total disbelief. The away team members were stunned
> for a few brief moments as they absorbed that along with Jay's sudden
> imprisonment.
> -----End Snip-----
> <STCP Headquarters - 2906>
> Zorn finished entering the sleeper program into a submarine
> file, then added it to the mainframe's database. He then flagged
> Cubie's covert file for receipt of the download.
> Blotz watched over his shoulder. "So what's that gonna do?"
> Zorn smiled. "When Cubie downloads this file, it'll implant a
> subconscious command. Within a minute, she'll bring White Wolf
> directly to us. Then we can sit down and reason out a plan for
> dealing with Darken before he eliminates us."
> Blotz shook his head in disgust. "Never thought I'd see the day
> when I was working with the Richards and a giant rat."
> "Hamster."
> Blotz flopped into his Minion Manipulator 3000. "Whatever."
> <The Temple>
> Everyone was still stunned at Jay's abduction.
> Everyone that wasn't giggling at Harris' new hairstyle, that
> is. Zack elbowed Cubie. "That's gotta be a first for Major Harris.
> Wonder if that's within regs."
> Cubie started to chuckle, but then stopped. A brief shimmer
> went through her image, and her smile disappeared. She whipped her
> elbow around, catching Zack right in the mouth. Then she turned and
> marched across the room, hurling Shakespeare and DJ aside as she
> approached White Wolf.
> The surprised hamster looked up at her. "Are you all right,
> Mrs. Richards?"
> She responded with a vicious roundhouse that narrowly missed
> White Wolf's head. "What the-" Her second kick caught him in the
> chest, knocking him backward.
> DJ struck Cubie in the back of the head with the butt of her
> rifle. Cubie threw a foot backwards, slamming DJ in the gut and
> sending her tumbling in a winded heap. Then she forward-flipped over
> Dirk Bell, who was cheering wildly, and landed next to White Wolf.
> The hamster leapt several meters away. "Cubie! What's going on?"
> Cubie disappeared, only to reappear directly behind White Wolf.
> A karate chop to the neck stunned the hamster momentarily, and he
> dropped to all fours, trying to clear his head. Cubie gripped the
> skin behind his neck and pulled him off his feet. The hamster's feet
> wriggled helplessly as Cubie held him aloft, his teeth bared as his
> cheeks were pulled back behind his ears. Then she leapt across the
> temple over the heads of the amazed away team, landing next to Zack.
> Zack's eyes were the size of hubcaps. He'd dug out her
> controller and was about to deactivate her. "Uh, sweetie?"
> Her foot caught him under the chin, sending him to dreamland.
> Her boot disappeared, and she grabbed the controller with her toes
> and placed it on Zack's chest, then popped it open and tapped
> the 'Home' button.
> A tunnel appeared beneath them, and the trio dropped from
> sight. Seconds later, the tunnel disappeared, leaving the doubly
> stunned party staring at the stone floor where they had just been.
> "Boo-YAH! Cubie's da Man! Whoo-hoo!"
> Everyone turned and stared at Dirk. Dirk smiled at
> them. "What? That was a good move! Got the hamster in a submission
> hold and pinned Zack - all before the bell. Yeeah!"
> Keto nudged Harris. "Major? White Wolf is gone. That probably
> leaves you in charge."
> Harris' only response was a small trickle of drool and a twitch
> in his glassy-eyed expression.
> Keto started prepping Ointment #6754 - a mixture of ammonia and
> vaseline. A generous dab in each nostril had Harris sitting bolt-
> upright and clawing at his nose while howling things that caused
> everyone to blush.
> Keto smiled. Despite its simplicity, it was one of his more
> effective ointments.
> <???>
> The tunnel opened in midair over the muddy, broken turf.
> Seconds later, White Wolf, Zack, and Cubie all tumbled out of the
> opening, splatting in the mud. The tunnel disappeared.
> Cubie held her head in agony. "What the smeg? What happened?"
> White Wolf leapt away from her. "You kidnapped me, that's
> what! Why?"
> Zack burbled face-down in the mud. Cubie quickly rolled him
> over onto his back and wiped the mud from his face. "I don't know.
> The last thing I remember is Harris being returned with a pink
> mohawk, and then suddenly I'm here making mudpies with my face."
> The hamster looked around. "And where exactly is 'here'?"
> They looked around. They weren't certain, but there were an
> abundance of clues. Ten meters in front of them was a pavillion
> under which sat several colorfully dressed people, most notably a
> regal couple seated on thrones and wearing crowns. On either side of
> them were several tents. Dozens of armored knights were struggling
> to keep their horses in check. And behind them stood a crowd of
> roughly dressed peasants. Every eye was on the newcomers.
> A bearded man in flowing black robes and a gnarled oak staff
> leaned over and whispered into the ear of the man with the crown.
> His expression hardened. "I quite agree, Merlin." He
> stood. "Lancalot! Gawain! Arrest the witch, her consort, and her
> familiar!"
> The knights drew their swords and began to advance.
> Cubie looked at White Wolf, a sheepish smile. "Sorry?"
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