Back to her cell

Allie ran her hands through her hair. "Thanks, Phil. Thanks a lot." She stopped, afraid she might start to get mushy. "Now, I better be getting back to my cell."
Phil, then pressed the deactivate button on Saddam and Allie's form rippled then condensed back to light bee. Phil picked up the light bee and put it in his pocket.
** 5 mins later **
Phil was walking along the prominade. He had decided to make at stop at mckenzie's first. Mainly to buy Tara a presnt and another for DJ, for saving Tara's life when..
{insert wobbly flashback type effect here with crappy sounds}
Phil was back on the JMC Chicken Korma, having just activated his new-hard light drive(For new players, the Chicken Korma is Phil's first ship, where he was killed). The psychiatrits was sitting with a smugg expression on his face. "There you go Phil, try it out. Do something you've been wanting to do for a while"
And with that, Phil smacked the smugg git on the couch smack in the mouth. There wasn't even the smallest amount of pain. Stepping over the body of the psychiatrisrt Phil had an evil grin on his face. Time for some payback...
{end flashback type thingy and back to realaty effect with more crappy sounds }
"You allright Phil..."
<< Could someone else who's stuck on BD please take over at this point >>

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