Medibay Larks

Who: Wildflower, Donover, Appendix.
Where: Medibay.
When: 54 minutes past a random hour.
Wildflower picked up the final pile of leaves and dumped then into
the large box that Donover had found somehwere in the medibay's
"A job well done," he said, smiling at Wildflower.
"Agreed," she replied. "Now, what do we do with the leaves? We
can't very well hide them under the rug, can we?" asked Wildflower as
she pointed to a piece of fur with a chair sizee lump in it's centre.
"Keto might cotton on."
Donover was about to say soemthign when the rapid jumping of the
appendix caught his eye.
"Hey," said Donover pointing over to the quarantine room.
"What?" asked Wildflower following the line his finger was pointing
out. The appendix was jumping up and down rapidly and seemed to be
hitting itself at the wall, as if wanting something.
"What is it Appendix A?" she asked, frowing. "What, you want these
The appendix bounced harder.
"Why would an appendix need pink leaves?" she wondered.
"Well, it is your appendix," said Donover. "I think you of all
people would know that."
"Yes, but most people don't have a five and a half foot tall
appendix, do they Donover?" replied Wildflower.
"Good point," he admitted.
Wildflower walked over to the room and dragged the box of leaves
with her, then, carefully opening the door, she chucked the leaves in
with the appendix and slammed the door after it. The appendix
bounced over to the box and began rolling itself in the leaves till
it was totally covered in the pink foliage.
"Why do you think it's doing that?" asked Donover.
"I'm not sure, but I think it'll interest Doc Shakey when he
returns," she said.
Donover was silent for a second, gathering up courage for a second.
"Now, what shall we do about this drink? Shall we meet in Parrotts
at half past eight?" he blurted out quickly. 'Damn, I'm no good at
this,' he thought.
"Ok then, I'll meet you then, Robert," she said, nodding slowly.
"Ok, see you at eight, Jenny," he said slowly walking out of the
When he was outside the medibay, Donover punched the air
Inside the medibay, Wildflower had to control her thoughts again.
'Stop thinking about Keto in that way, it's sick, sick, sick,' she
told herself.
<over to you Donover/Morbid>
Kryten: But sir, I have offered to mince myself.

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