And into the fire... Um... muck! (yeah, yeah that's it!)

-----Begin Snip-----
The tunnel opened in midair over the muddy, broken turf.
Seconds later, White Wolf, Zack, and Cubie all tumbled out of the
opening, splatting in the mud. The tunnel disappeared.
Cubie held her head in agony. "What the smeg? What happened?"
White Wolf leapt away from her. "You kidnapped me, that's
what! Why?"
Zack burbled face-down in the mud. Cubie quickly rolled him
over onto his back and wiped the mud from his face. "I don't know.
The last thing I remember is Harris being returned with a pink
mohawk, and then suddenly I'm here making mudpies with my face."
The hamster looked around. "And where exactly is 'here'?"
They looked around. They weren't certain, but there were an
abundance of clues. Ten meters in front of them was a pavillion
under which sat several colorfully dressed people, most notably a
regal couple seated on thrones and wearing crowns. On either side of
them were several tents. Dozens of armored knights were struggling
to keep their horses in check. And behind them stood a crowd of
roughly dressed peasants. Every eye was on the newcomers.
A bearded man in flowing black robes and a gnarled oak staff
leaned over and whispered into the ear of the man with the crown.
His expression hardened. "I quite agree, Merlin." He
stood. "Lancalot! Gawain! Arrest the witch, her consort, and her
The knights drew their swords and began to advance.
Cubie looked at White Wolf, a sheepish smile. "Sorry?"
-----End Snip-----
The huge hamster suddenly burst out, "Familiar?!? Why, for that
comment Merlin, I oughta go back in time and prevent myself from
warning you about Morgan Le Fay!"
Zack inquired, "Umm, wouldn't that be the future?"
The six foot one inch hamster shook his head and replied in a
undertone to the Zack and Cubie, "Nevermind! I'll create a diversion,
you just follow my lead Mr. & Mrs. Richards.", While making a
fantastic leap over one of the two knights.
The huge hamster quickly swiped the other knights sword away during
the surprise and swinging it like a baseball bat towards the first
Knights helm producing a ringing clang that made that particular
Knight sink to his knees in agony as his helm went flying. Then the
large hamster exclaimed, "Pardon me, may I play on through?", and
bounded after the bouncing helm before anyone could answer or react
A second passed as the second Knight and the Richards stared at each
other, and there was another loud clang followed by a crash, and the
overgrown hamsters voice drifted up the downs mingled with a female
screams, "Opps, Water hazard! Sorry about the dress Miss Guenevere!"
The man with the crown stood up and commanded, "Get that vile
creature!" while pointing at White Wolf.
The huge hamster quickly turned and began to run further off while
screaming excitedly, "Marsh, Tally ho!"
Several of the Knights squires turned and began chasing after the
fleeing overgrown hamster, And the second knight quickly followed.
Cubie elbowed Zack in the ribs and practically yelled in his
ear, "Honey, this is our chance!", and quickly grabbed up her
controller from the ground.
Zack replied, "But he said follow his lead, And I didn't bring along
any of Stewie's excellent golfing woods."
"Come on!", yelled Cubie as she pulled Zack along into some nearby
bushes as the rest of the people broke out in utter chaos.
Minutes Later...
Zack and Cubie dashed headlong from some underbrush trying to make it
to the swamp before the search parties spotted them.
"Are you sure this is where we're supposed to be going?" asked Zack.
"I sure he's going to me us in this swamp, why else would he have
made those references?" replied Cubie.
"I don't know... Maybe seeing Major Harris like that knocked him off
his rocker, just like you..."
Cubie suddenly tackled Zack like a football lineman, and the two fell
into the squelching muck and quickly sank. And Zack quickly scrambled
away, while he started to say plantively, "Uh... Honey... I don't
think now's the time for that....", then Zacks words died away as a
huge bubble in the muck rose up behind Cubie.
Then some of the muck slothed off, and revealed the muck covered
overgrown hamster who spoke, "Good work! I realise I'm a pretty easy
going guy and I'm glad to see my experimental temporal divertor
works, but would either of you mind telling me what the devil is
going on here with you two abducting me for a temporal sidetrip at a
critical time like that?"
<over to you Zack & Cubie!>

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