Back in the Blue

Back in the Blue
Stewie McKenzie, Sirus
Comms. Section, Drive Room
I've completely lost time and dates
"Audio back online fully, sir."
At last!, Stewie thought, the damn Audio receiver were back up and running,
so the conversations weren't interupted by rather irritating thudding noises.
"Calling Hamster 1," Stewie said into the microphone, "this is base. Are you receiving?"
"Master Stuart," said Sirus, "it appears that they maybe in a tunnel and cannot
receive our transmission."
"Bugger!" Stewie said, staring at the microphone.
"I'll try to widen ..."
"Bugger it Sirus,"
"No thank you," Sirus sniggered,
"Don't get smart with me WD-40!"
Stewie looked at it, and thought hard,
"I hope they aren't in danger ..."
On the planet, White Wolf was somewhere when the radio started fuzzing.
"Crap, looks like the radio is no longer in range, Base? Can you read me?"
Suddenley a large shadow approached behind him ....
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