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DJ, still stunned, slapped Dirk. "Shut up, ya git!" she snapped. "Do
you even realize how mush trouble we're in now, mush brain?"
Dirk gave her an innocent look. "No."
DJ slapped him again. "I didn't think you would."
"We have to ask Harris-" someone started, but stopped as everyone
turned around and saw Harris stalk out of the temple.
"Right," DJ mumbled. She slapped Dirk once more.
Holding his face, Dirk cried, "What was that for?!"
"For fun."
Dirk stepped up to DJ, "Listen here you bi...." An ointment Keto had used on
Dirk's head made the dillusional scientist pass out. (Since neither of the
doctors felt my character's health was important enough to treat him, I'll have
to write that stuff myself.)
Keto looked at Dirk's leg and head more closely. "Looks like he's lost a lot of
blood from that last attack by the crash site."
"That was three days ago!" Kayn shouted. "You mean he's been wandering the
jungle for three days like THAT?!"
"Yes. And it looks like the sun did its fair share of damage too. No wonder he
was bouncing around like a three year-old. I'm surprised he isn't dead yet."
Keto fumbled through his medical supplies for more ointment.
"What's that in his hand?" Smegg asked as he bent down to pry it from Dirk's
hand. He got it loose and held it up for the rest to see.
Kayn was the first to recognize it. "That's the extra key to the Starbug.
What's he doing with that?" Then, the entire group, except Keto, remembered the
series of sonic booms they had heard the night before. They couldn't see what
made it, but they were pretty sure of what it was now. "No. He couldn't of..."
The sudden realization came to his face. "He did. He flew the Starbug. Like
"There's a good chance that there's nothing left of it now," DJ said. "That
leaves us only one way off this rock: the other Starbug. And Jay activated the
anti-theft device on it. Without him, we're stuck."
OOC- for the love of GOD keto, remember your oath and do no harm and heal my
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