The Captain's Biography

Name: William David Cannon.
Sex: Male.
Age: 30.
Position: Captain of the JMC Mining Ship Blue Dwarf.
William Cannon grew up in the town of Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, Earth.
He grew up with a select number of friends, 1 to be exact.
Seymore, a younger boy would follow William like gypsies follow shiny
things, this gave William confidence, and was a big factor in him joining
the JMC.
Seymore followed William all the way through school and then through JMC
College, the big split came when William was offered the Command of a ship
straight from college, but Seymore was offered a much lower position, the
two didn’t speak much after that.
Before taking the command of Blue Dwarf, William served on two other ships,
both are now in for, eeerrr, well, let’s just say it’s a little more than a
touch up and spray!
The pressure of the job is evident, in his last two psychiatric reports, the
doctor has commented on the rash descisions William may take. He was
christened with the nickname Wild Cannon by the doctors, this name got out
in the open, and everybody knows about his problems.
William was given the Blue Dwarf gig because they thought it would be more
relaxing than the other posts. The doctors believe that William could be
pushed over the edge, if he is stressed out to much, because of this, the
JMC is currently looking for a personal shrink, just in case.
Cannon enjoys sports, especially the ones that don’t make him sweat. When
he’s not working, (and usually when he is), he spends most of his time with
Bo-Bo. Bo-Bo is Cannons pet mouse, it was found after a radiation leak,
chewing through the steel bulkhead. Cannon saved the mouse from certain
death, and now the mouse is forming an intelligence, on more than one
occasion it’s beaten him at chess, and scrabble.
Cannon says he’s training the mouse to communicate, but if you ask me, the
mouse has more brains than him
Important events in his career
No important events have been recorded, he once found a planet were it
rained alcohol. After returning from an away mission he insisted he was a
member of, he said,
“ I ReAlLy EnJoYeD It DoWn, BUuuuuuuuuRRRRPPP!!! ThErE. THeRe WaSn’T MuCh
DoWn ThErE, BuT, PAaaaaaaaaRRRRRPPPP!!! I LuV YoU MiStEr!!‘
Favourite Piece Of Advice.
If you visit a planet where it rains alcohol, make sure the next planet has
an ocean made from ant-acid. (burp!!!)
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