Drinks and Ministroni

Kayn woke up after his rest. The bug he saw had apparently disapeared, but Kayn didn't mind really - he needed a drink.
Kayn reached into his sack and pulled out a kettle and a box of....damm, his Tea, Coffee, Bovril, Oxo Cube, Milk AND Chocolate and cocoa supplys had run out...all that was left was - an old cup'a'soup.
Suprisingly, with the ketchup, and the salad cream, and the tiny remenants of the hot drinks sprinkled on top for garnish, it didn't taste as bad as he thought it would.
He looked about Starbug - and everyone had disapeared. Where did they go? He looked arround the whole ship looking for the crew.
Failing, he stepped outside and saw why everyone had gone. right outside the door was a river of magma.
"Looks like Ministroni" said Kayn quietly...about a second later he noticed he was actually an inch away from the liquid fire...
"I've had enough.." said Kayn "This holiday could have been better done by Butlins" he shreiked as he climbed into the control center of the starbug.
Then Kayn saw where the Bug was...it was smiling at him on the windscreen. With a flick of the switch, the bug was purified by the windcreen wipers (cunningly installed by Kayn's future self) and Kayn was off...again
 NRPG - Well! Who wants to bet on Kayn's second Starbug attempt? Odds are!
EVENS     Kayn crashes into magma and burns up
1/5            Kayn gets eaten by a big bug
1/8            Kayn is swept away by the exploding planet
1/100        Kayn is destroyed by the particle transporter as the remaining crew fly straight through him
1/1000       Kayn hits BlueDwarf and catapults himself onto another rock
1/1            Kayn gets back on board the Blue Thing and closes this wierdo post off! Hey! It could happen!

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