Fw: Re: Choosing your character

OOC- New crewmember!
(note from Harris) Another security officer and what can I say but 'BLOODY
HELL!!' This guy is taller then Jackson
> >Name: Frank Banshee
> >Gender: Male
> >Age: 23
> >Race: SuperHuman
> >
> >Physical Description:
> >
> >Frank stands at 10 feet 5 inches. He weighs 780 punds and is pure
> >Frank is also a caring person and has a shirt saying: Please don't be
> >of me. I'm just a HUGE hearted guy. to imagine how big Frank is, look
at a
> >big screen TV and make it 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Since Frank has
> >hard tme getting around, he is acustomed to bending over and walked on
> >knees.
> >
> >Position: Security (what else for this superhuman?)
> >
> >Personel history:
> >
> >Frank was born as an expieriment. He was a normal baby until he hit the
> >of five. Ever since then he has been in a never ending growth spert.
> >he was released from testing he decided to go to the academy and train to
> >become a security officer. He has served for 4 months as a trainee on
> >Purple Midget, a combat ship. Being assigned to a mining ship wasn't his
> >hope but this way he could use his strength in another way than
> >people. He is so kind taht he lets small children ride on his back all
> >time. Although some cry because its so high.
> >
> >Psyche File:
> >Frank is a kind person much in love with toys. He has a set of molecular
> >level building blocks that he molds into to form anything he wants. He
> >loves children but he can't hug them on acount he is too big. Frank is
> >to incredibly intellegent. He passed the academy with a C average. He
> >takes orders well.
> >
> >Franks favorite saying:
> >When worse comes to worse....... Destroy things and see what comes about.

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