Cmdr Niples "Burning rubble"

Cmdr Seymore Niples
JMC Blue Dwarf
Location: Surface of Uncharted planet
Seymore Niples opened his eyes, the smoking wreckage of the Starbug filled his entire view. he heard a moan near to him.
"captain!" he shouted and lifted some wreckege from his senior officer's body.
"Are you alright?"
"I can feel my legs" said Captain Cannon.
"Because you're stood on them IDIOT!"
Seymore stood back and the Captain stood up, his uniform was torn slightly but he looked uninjured.
They heard another grunt and after removing more rubble they found Doctor van Threk, looking slightly bruised.
"What happened?" asked the Captain.
"We were hit by some kind of weapon, the Starbug went down like a dead peacock- I couldn't help it sir." said Niples a bit mornfully.
"Where are the others?" asked the doctor brushing the dust off her uniform.
"Major Harris, Mohak and the two security officers must have fell out just before we hit the ground, they could be anywhere though- we skidded quite a long way after we hit."
The Captain started rumaging through the rubble and then found what he was looking for- Harris' case of weapons. They all armed themselves and made their way to find the other crewmembers. The hot sun beating down on them, they started across the huge dessert.
There was no sign of civilisation- but something must have been responsible for shooting them down.
Niples looked through his binoculars. In the distance he could see some piles of metal, like a huge scrapyard.
"Take a look at this Captain"
The captain took the binoculars from him, not realising that they were around Seymore's neck. Commander Niples practically choked to death as the Captain pulled the binoculars up to his eyelevel.
"Ok, lets head in that direction"
"What?" said Niples shocked. "But what if there's someone there? They could be the same people that shot us down in the first place!"
"Yes, but we have no other way off this planet. And we have no way to contact the Blue Dwarf- we might find a radio over there."
The three of them set off towards the scrapyard, hoping that Major Harris and Mohok were going in that direction too. Providing of course, that they were still alive.
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