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Hey guys, I'm really sorry I haven't posted. I'm having a lot of
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>Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Cmdr Niples "Burning rubble"
>Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:44:57 +0100
>Cmdr Seymore Niples
>JMC Blue Dwarf
>Location: Surface of Uncharted planet
>Seymore Niples opened his eyes, the smoking wreckage of the Starbug filled
>his entire view. he heard a moan near to him.
>"captain!" he shouted and lifted some wreckege from his senior officer's
>"Are you alright?"
>"I can feel my legs" said Captain Cannon.
>"Because you're stood on them IDIOT!"
>Seymore stood back and the Captain stood up, his uniform was torn slightly
>but he looked uninjured.
>They heard another grunt and after removing more rubble they found Doctor
>van Threk, looking slightly bruised.
>"What happened?" asked the Captain.
>"We were hit by some kind of weapon, the Starbug went down like a dead
>peacock- I couldn't help it sir." said Niples a bit mornfully.
>"Where are the others?" asked the doctor brushing the dust off her uniform.
>"Major Harris, Mohak and the two security officers must have fell out just
>before we hit the ground, they could be anywhere though- we skidded quite a
>long way after we hit."
>The Captain started rumaging through the rubble and then found what he was
>looking for- Harris' case of weapons. They all armed themselves and made
>their way to find the other crewmembers. The hot sun beating down on them,
>they started across the huge dessert.
>There was no sign of civilisation- but something must have been responsible
>for shooting them down.
>Niples looked through his binoculars. In the distance he could see some
>piles of metal, like a huge scrapyard.
>"Take a look at this Captain"
>The captain took the binoculars from him, not realising that they were
>around Seymore's neck. Commander Niples practically choked to death as the
>Captain pulled the binoculars up to his eyelevel.
>"Ok, lets head in that direction"
>"What?" said Niples shocked. "But what if there's someone there? They could
>be the same people that shot us down in the first place!"
>"Yes, but we have no other way off this planet. And we have no way to
>contact the Blue Dwarf- we might find a radio over there."
>The three of them set off towards the scrapyard, hoping that Major Harris
>and Mohok were going in that direction too. Providing of course, that they
>were still alive.
>LTjg. David "Onion" Ball
>Assistant Helm officer/ Pilot USS Endeavour-A
>Commander Seymore Niples JMC Blue Dwarf
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