XO Seymore Niples "Coming aboard"

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Commander Seymore Niples
Onboard Blue Midget 02
Sol system
The Blue Midget shuttle streaked accross space towards it's new home. Onboard was Commander Niples, the new first officer of the JMC Blue Dwarf, this was his first assignment as Commander- the Blue Dwarf was a bit of a letdown for him, he had expected a battleship- not a Mining ship. But he hoped that if he did a good job at this command, he would soon be given a position on one of Earth's better starships.
The Ship was now in view, the huge mass was docked at the Jupiter command station. The swirling mass of the planet below made both the ship and the station look small in comparison, but Seymore knew that they were both the size of small cities. The Blue Dwarf alone had over 1000 people on board, some crew, some service engineers, some were even shop keepers and chefs.
The commander was an expert pilot, he swerved around the Jupiter command station and flew along the full lenght of the Blue Dwarf. The ship was fairly new, but the blue hull already had a weathered surface.
After having a good look at his (hopefully temporary) home, he expertly landed the shuttle in the landing bay.
Coming in from this entrance did not particularly give a good impression of the ship, as technicians were still welding bits together. Most of them ignored him, but a few ripped off a mock salute as he walked past.
An oily technician removed a dirty fag end from him mouth and put it behind his ear as the commander approached.
"'Ello sir" he croaked.
"Ah, hello my good man!" replied the superior officer. "How's the work going?"
The man scratched his stubbly chin. "Well, to be honest Guv....... it may take a while yet. We're working our fingers to the bone here. We need more tea breaks to refresh us and speed up the task."
Seymore nodded and smiled to himself. "I'll see what I can do." he said
With that, the commander left the landing bay. Taking the lift to the promenade area.
The promenade was the area on the ship that housed most of the shops, bars and restaurants. It was a single walkway going almost the full length of the ship. A monorail above travelled the full length of the promenade.
Seymore walked out of the lift directly onto the promenade, there was already a lot of people walking along and having lunch. He smiled when he saw the 'MacDonalds' restaurant, they get everywhere. He once wnt on holiday to 'New Hawaii' on the border of Earth space- they even had a Macdonald's there.
He went in and ordered a big mac and fries. "Ah, this is what space travel is all about!" he said to himself, enjoying the burger.
Unfortuantely, the restaurant was still only half decorated- so he had to put up with watching the service robots paint the walls a peachy colour. They seemed to be getting more on themselves though.
After his snack he looked around the rest of the promenade and then caught the lift up to the drive room to find the captain.
The drive room was a buzz of activity. Crewmembers were testing the computer systems and many people were running around with clipboards. Some peach coloured service robots were trying to fix a computer console but had ended up tangling themselves in the wiring systems.
Seymore walked straight to the door to the captains office and knocked on the door........
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