Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] RE:One rather smegged off GELF and a collection of John Wayne films is a lethal combination

Who: L'ontar, Armer
Where: Near an airlock
When: After L'ontar woke up
OOC: Sorry-Would have posted earlier, but I got
bogged down with work etc.
> Quickly rising L'ontar slumped forward grabbing the
> enraged Texan byt he neck pinning him against the
> wall
> he growled
> " What the smeg do you think youre doing"
> Armer looked as thought he may need a change of
> underwear gulped and nervously repiled...
"Umm, I was trying to wake you up, that's all..."
L'Ontar squinted at Armer "By kicking me?"
"I tried to shake you awake first..."
"And you were shouting at me too-sounded like 'Dirty
half breed'?"
"I was desperate to get you awake" Armer lied
nervously, sweating all over L'ontar's hand.
"Would you be surprised if I told you that I don't
smegging believe you?" L'ontar asked begining to
squeeze Armer's throat.
"Yes?" Armer squeeked as he began to lose
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