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She kissed him. At first Seymour was worried, but it did feel a bit familliar,
he kissed her back. Who was he to argue with his girlfriend?
Lloyd was helping a limping Donover were making their way to the medical bay.
Lloyd was still in good shape while Donover looked like someone had dropped
something very heavy on top of him from a great distance.
"Ever throuht of life insurance, gov?" Lloyd enquired.
"Can't." Donover muttered. "The rates to insure me are frankly too high and
threw in that how many times they would have to pay out."
"There's a point." Lloyd said.
The two security entered the medical bay and Lloyd called. "A little help
her... what the hell!?"
Lloyd went straight to her gun on seeing the seen before her, the captain with
the dark haired Sweete she knew to be from the other ship, dropping Donover on
the floor in the process.
"Ouch!" Donover muttered.
"Get away from him!" Lloyd yelled at the dark haired Sweete.

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