Faces of the past

Harris, Sharon Dimmock and others
That same colony
the next day
There was nothing really to do in this colony. Well, nothing that interested
the Major.
The day other did not go well. Sharon tried to patch things up but Harris'
studdon side arose. Not fogiven nor fogotten for the mistake she made that tore
them apart.
Harris sighed and dropped his head forward. Alone, for forever and a day,
always alone.
"Frank." Came that soft voice behind him.
"I don't want to talk to you Sharon!" Harris snarled.
"We can't go back." Harris said still not turning to face her.
Sharon moved around and infront of him. She gazed at him with those clear eyes
of hers. She reaches up and touches the side of his face.
"Never go back." Harris says again as he takes hold of her hand. "But I will
never forget you."
With that Harris walks away, knocking over someone running having swiped
someones' bag.
(I am running out of things to write, the ideas are just drying up)

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