Dean brings it all together

Dean sprinted down the corridor and met up with a GELF and some other bloke
having a fight. Now, Dean was in a quandry, he could do three things. 1) Run
off to security in a maternity gown
2) Run off in a maternity gown and go change
3) Stand here like he currently was in a maternity gown.
Well, thought Dean, this is a bit of an old problemo isn't it? Ok, no biggy,
I'll have to think laterally. Ok, My problem is this: I'm in a maternity
gown and need to get changed, how should I do it?
Deans mind answered, well, go into the room on your right and get changed
Dean decided this would be a good idea, and so rammed the door open with his
shoulder, only to find a man trying to shove a bagel down another mans
That's it! I'm cracking up, Dean did what any sane man would do. He got
changed, ignoring the bloodcurdling screaming, and the flying pieces of
toasted delights, and decided to head off to see what he could do about the
fight outside.
To his surprise it was STILL going on! Blimey, these guys have got stamina!
"What's all this about dudes?"
Over to you!
<probably find I've managed to successfully screw up the entire geography of
the ship now, oh well!>
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