Re: Can\'t think of a good title right now... or Donover gets beat up by a fly.

Who: The tan furred hamster and Keto, Tara, BPT, Coffey, Wildflower,
Niples, Phil, DK
Where: Medi-bay
When: Just after Lloyd & Donover entered.
The Wild flower caught one of the robotic Tze-Tze flies in her hands,
exclaiming, "I got one!"
Whereupon, Phil suddenly spewed a huge quantity of pea green soup
like substance all over Donover on the floor.
Lloyd looked down at the bit of it that got on her pants leg and
muttered, "Ew, that's disgusting, Phil!"
"At least, you ain't covered in it from head to toe like I am!"
remarked Donover wiping the gunk off his face, and then swatted at
one of the Tze-Tze flies that landed on his arm.
The tan furred hamster while jumping to catch one of the other Tze-
Tze flies, called out, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Donover."
"Why? Thier just flies. A fly can't do much more than bite or sting
me, and I've already had worse then that just done to me since I
entered the medi-bay." muttered Donover as he slapped one that landed
on his neck real hard and closed his fist over it, "Gotcha, ya little
Suddenly Donover went sailing fist first into one of the medi-bay
bulkheads, and crumpled to the floor as the little Tze-Tze angrily
buzzed out of his hand and started stinging him all over.
"Because these particular flies are basically indestructible robotic
flies with antigrav flight, and unfortunately, they get a little foul
tempered when you swat them." replied the Tan hamster.
Wildflower squealled in fear as she suddenly openned her hand to let
the Tze-Tze fly she just caught go.

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