Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] RE:One rather smegged off GELF and a collection of John Wayne films is a lethal combination

SNIP>> "Would you be surprised if I told you that I
smegging believe you?" L'ontar asked begining to
squeeze Armer's throat.
"Yes?" Armer squeeked as he began to lose
L'ontar saw the texan slowly slip out of conciousness.
Slowly relesing his grip to give Armer room to breathe
so he could regain conciousness so L'ontar could shout
at him some more. L'ontars new "friend" soon came
" Right where were we. Ah thats right why the smeg
where you calling me a Dirty half breed?"
Armer squeked and for the first time he saw Dean over
L'ontars shoulder. Despiratly motioning to Dean for
help Armer gave yet another squeak asa L;ontar
squeezed his throat saying well if you give a good
reason Ill forget all this and we can have a drink.
Well Dean are you going to rescue poor old armer or
leave him.
Nokia Game is on again.
Go to and join the new
all media adventure before November 3rd.

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