Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] RE:One rather smegged off GELF and a collection of John Wayne films is a lethal combination

>L'ontar saw the texan slowly slip out of conciousness.
>Slowly relesing his grip to give Armer room to breathe
>so he could regain conciousness so L'ontar could shout
>at him some more. L'ontars new "friend" soon came
> " Right where were we. Ah thats right why the smeg
>where you calling me a Dirty half breed?"
>Armer squeked and for the first time he saw Dean over
>L'ontars shoulder. Despiratly motioning to Dean for
>help Armer gave yet another squeak asa L;ontar
>squeezed his throat saying well if you give a good
>reason Ill forget all this and we can have a drink.
'Ah! now, what seems to be the problem here chaps?' said Dean, adjusting his
belt, 'I don't want to seem as if Im interrupting anything, but I'd like to
point out that you are threatening to kill this guy here, and thats, well,
its just a little bit inconvenient, as hes just...' Dean was thinking on his
feet here, his mind working overtime '... just been promoted to your senior
officer, and you are in fact commiting mutiny!'
Dean hoped this would work, if it didn't, he was screwed.
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