Nope that didn't work

Who : Phil, Keto, Tara etc, etc
Where : Still the medibay
When : Just after the exorcist scene
"Any better?" Asked Keto, quickly diving behind Tara(who then pushed him back towards Phil)
"Nope. Still feel like my mouth has been used to channel the entire ships sanitation system thorugh it."
"Bugger. There' nothing more I can do ...unless?.. No, you wouldn't want to try that..."
"What is it? Please I don't wont to keep throing up the ships weight in vomit every 5 minutes.."
"There is only one thing left....Ointment #6666666!!!!!"
At the sound of Wildflower looked up from slapping Nipples(who was saying things like - "Am I the 14 Tzar of Russia?") and allmost screamed at Keto "NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The medibay was strangley quite.
"What's Ointment #6666666?" Asked a very nervous Phil
"Do you really want to know?"
"Well it's......"
<<Keto? Anyone not been vomited on yet?>>

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