Ointment #6666666

Who: All those people in the medibay
Where: That place called the medibay
When: Whatever time it is in the medibay!
-- SNIP --
> "Well it's......"
-- END SNIP --
"...one of my more potent ointments," said Keto, turning and
walking towards a very large, steel refrigerator.
"You don't call *that* potent?" asked Phil, gesturing to the
splatters now adorning the medibay (and making the tze-tze robots
resemble little flying spitwads).
"That? Oh no, that was just one of the more *reactive ones," said
Keto, pulling back several bolts on the doors of the
refrigerator, "This one took far more work to create..."
"Keets, are you really sure this is a good idea?" asked Wildflower,
avoiding a fly buzzing around her head.
"Why, what does it do?" asked the tan WW, helping Donover back to
his feet.
"Ointment number 6666666," replied Keto, not turning round as he
opened the fridge doors, revealing a complex series of dials set into
a gleaming steel box, "Makes the recipient think that they are the
Another patch of silence descended on the medibay, apart from the
buzzing of the robots and the minute clicks as Keto spun several of
the dials.
"Maybe you misheard me," groaned Phil, "I said I wanted to get rid
of a hangover...not think I'm the devil."
"Perhaps not," said Keto, hauling open the metallic box, releasing
a cloud of superchilled air into the medibay, "But the fact remains
that if you believe yourself to be the devil, then you'll also
believe yourself to be immune to all mortal diseases and
afflictions...hangovers included."
"Any side effects? I mean, other than thinking that I live in a
very hot place and am not generally a nice person?" asked Phil. Keto
ignored him for a second as he closed the refrigerator again,
shivering slightly as he straightened up, holding a very small vial
in a very long pair of tongs.
"Nurse Wildflower, if you would be so kind as to secure Mr FeBuggre
to the medibunk," said Keto, eyes not moving from the clear liquid
inside the vial.
"What? Why?" asked Phil, as Wildflower reluctantly began to strap
him down onto the bunk.
"Because I really don't want Satan to be walking about my medibay,"
said Keto.
There was a muttered comment.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Mr Donover," said Keto raising
his voice. Wildflower finished securing Phil to the medibunk.
"Now, open your mouth and try not to lead to the temptation of
mankind," directed Keto. Somewhat nervously, Phil did so.
Quickly, Keto upended the vial, causing Phil to swallow the
contents, and took several quick steps backwards.
Phil immediately started bellowing in fury, his muscles straining
against the straps.
"He looks dangerous," observed Tara worriedly.
"Don't worry, he can't escape those straps," said Keto
haughtily, "They're built to withstand any pressure that a human can
In the seconds of silence that followed, they all clearly heard the
tiny chimes as the clock struck midnight, and Thursday began.
"We may have a problem," said Keto levelly, as the straps snapped.
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