Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] RE:One rather smegged off GELF and a collection of John Wayne films is a lethal combination

'I don't want to seem as if Im interrupting
> anything, but I'd like to
> point out that you are threatening to kill this guy
> here, and thats, well,
> its just a little bit inconvenient, as hes just...'
> Dean was thinking on his
> feet here, his mind working overtime '... just been
> promoted to your senior
> officer, and you are in fact commiting mutiny!'
> Dean hoped this would work, if it didn't, he was
> screwed.
Armer was as surprised as anyone to hear this news,
but he nodded frantically, or as frantically as he
could with a gelf's hand under his chin. " S' right"
He managed to gasp, hoping that he had got some sort
of promotion, but knowing that he hadn't deep down.
"Now how about that drink?"
OOC: Just checking to make sure I didn't make a
booboo-- L'ontar is a half Gelf, right? I will feel
very stupid if he isn't...
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