I am the god of hellfire and I bring you....(you know the words)

Who : Our Dark lord and master, cower before him brief mortals and repent(IE Phil) + Donovon
When : After midnight
where : some where on BD
"Come here little man!"  Donover heard muttered in his direction."I hate my life."  Donover.Then the unluckest security officer ran as fast as his legs could carry him out of the medical bay, with Phil chasing after him.
"Mwwahhhhhh !!!!! Look 5 exclamation marks and I don't care. Your bottom belongs to me now. Prepare to get intimate with a poke as soon as I find one and heat it up to tempratures that may cause scalding. ehhm. oh yes MWWWAAAAHHHHH, (cough."
This was good news. Phil was indeed cured of his hangover. However the little mortal(sorry security man) running away from him at speeds that would make a cheeetah go "ohh look at him isn't he running very fast",
Donover ran towards a randomly selected part of the ship. This went on for some time. All the while, Phil was laugh like a mad cow with BSE who'd just been injected with some kind of silly drug.
It was a sure sign that lady luck wasn't smiling on him that day(she was doing something, but It wasn't smiling) that the place he choose was the cinema, rather foolsihly thinking that someone who belived himself to be Satan, lord of the underworld and inserting of soon to be found and soon to be heated up pokers.
The door opened just as Donover reached it and smaked into the trio who were leaving
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