Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] \"Tether\" (cont)

<< ***Outside, where theres no kind of atmosphere***
Seymour clambered out of the airlock in the roof and stepped unsteadily
towards the rope. "I CAN do it, I CAN do it" He chanted, crawling onto the
rope and pulling himself along.
On the other ship he could see DK trying to prize the claw off. She turned
around and looked straight at him. Katrina who was stood behind saw him too,
she lifted her hands up to her mouth in shock.
DK stopped prizing the hook, now she raised the implement above her head,
preparing to slam it down and cut the rope....>>
Katrina knew she had to stop her dark double, but how? The bitch was crazy as
hell, and holding a large instrument. Over the suit's comms, Katrina heard
her double snicker at Seymour.
"I win," was all DK said, and brought the instrument down, cutting loose the
"No!!" Katrina screamed.
The Starbug jerked violently as it was freed, spinning and jolting forward.
It threw off the two Katrinas, and proceeded to enter the wormhole. The
girls, unfortunately, were thrown off in the other direction, into space. In
the process, DK let go of her double's bonds, floating away.
Regular Katrina screamed in terror, unable to stop herself from drifting away.
(Captain, I'm slipping away. Save me!)

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