Re: \"Tether\" (cont)

The Starbug jerked violently as it was freed, spinning and jolting
It threw off the two Katrinas, and proceeded to enter the wormhole.
girls, unfortunately, were thrown off in the other direction, into
space. In
the process, DK let go of her double's bonds, floating away.
Regular Katrina screamed in terror, unable to stop herself from
drifting away.
In the Phoenix, Jay was thrown forward as the shuttle lurched back
when the tether was cut purely from the momentum of his own reverse
thrusters. Eventually managing to get the ship under control he saw
off in the distance 3 figures tumbling through space. To the left DK,
the right BDK and more centrally flapping around like an idiot,
Captain Seymour Niples.
In side the captians helmet his comm fizzed into life. "Captain"
"um..hello?...who is this?!"
"Its me you goit, Chrysler, listen activate your mag-boots"
" what?"
"The blue button on your wrist control panel"
"This one?" Jay heard a button blip inside the captains suit and a
blinding white light lit up from atop the captains helmet burning a
burning whiteness of burning white light right into Jay's eyes.
"Ok seymour...that was the wrong button"
"Sorry" He pressed the button again, the lights switched off.
Jay tying to cath the blobs of colour in front of his eyes spoke
again. "BLUE button!"
Getting the right button this time Seymour said "What now?" and then
squealed as he saw the Phoenix thundering toward him at top speed of
Jay matching the captains spin, moved under him, and rose upward, the
captains boots attaching to the hull of the customised midget Jay,
stopping the spin headed for Katrina.
"Arms out cap'" Jay said
Seymour, now upright nervously held his arms out in front of him.
Seconds later Katrina was thumping into him, winding him.
"Hi seymour!" Katrina said, sitting in his arms, like a bride being
carried across the threshold.

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