[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Behind Enemy lines'

(To add to the plot)
Unknown location
Alan Ferri of the Clarkson Brethren sat at the table along with a man in a JMC uniform and a rough looking mercenary.
"Where's my payment?!" The mercenary snapped.
"Cannon is still alive!" The uniformed man snapped.
"And Niples is still alive!" Ferri voice.
"Not my concern." The mercenary commented as he lit a cigar lodged between his teeth. "My part in this agreement was to shoot down a starbug and I have lived up to my part. Now pay up!"
"You get paid when the targets are dead!" Ferri snapped. "Not before!"
"Why didn't you shoot down the second starbug?" The uniformed man demanded.
"You were ripped off." The mercenary answered. "Out of those twenty torpedoes you supplied only one was working, the others had bits missing and were far too dangerous to use! One of those bloody things went off and now there's a great big blood hole in the side of my ship!"
The other two groaned.
"If you still want to keep me and my partners working for you the payment has to raise twenty percent or I go on my folly way." The mercenary explained.
"Look…" Ferri started.
The mercenary leapt across the table, grabbed Ferri's head and slammed it into the table and held it then and then he snarled. "Well?"
With the last of the drinks unloaded the waitress quickly disappeared out of the room, closing the door behind her.
"Fine, fine." Ferri muttered into the table. "You get you pay increase."
The mercenary release his hold on Ferri and settle back into his seat and commented. "Good."
"But now we need a new plan." The uniformed man commented.
"I have one." The mercenary commented grinning.
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