Limos, slappers and skitzo people!

The two captives were bundled into a limo with Diablo,
Vinny, and 'pin stripes', whilst the last gangster
stayed to wait for another group to appear. The limo
started towards town.
<PINS DNE> <I was bored>
The effort of not slipping into Elvis was becoming increasingly apparent, as
Dean was constantly banging his head off the door.
"Is there something wrong with your friend?"
"Erm.. Yeh, he's mental."
"GHHDSGDJNSJ" said a muffled voice.
"He's, skitzo you knoww?"
"Yeh, he's constantly hearing voices." said Armer, warming to his theme.
This time "HGUOAOUNOUJ" was accompanied by the universal sign for 'Smeg off
dogfood face', However as it was upside down (due to his bonds), it meant
'I'm a smegface who eats dogfood." Armer gave a thumbs up, (well, due to his
ropes it as actually a thumb-sideways). "And he also eats dogfood."
*SLAP* Pinstripe had slapped Dean around the face!
*WHACK --- THUMP* the whack was as Dean's head connected with the mobsters
gun, and teh thump was the noise of a human form hitting the floor.
"Damn it!" Shouted Pinstripe, "SHUT UP"
The gag, which hasd loosened in teh fall came lose.
"Mind my blue suede shoes boyo."
Armer tried to cradle his head in his arms....
Madness Takes Its Toll, Please have Exact Change
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