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Phil helped Tara inside, she slightly struggled at first, going into a strange metal thing with strange people, but a sense of calm came over her, they did seem friendly and they knew who she was, this 'Tara' person, so she walked in, the dog followed, then stopped, it sniffed the air and growled, Eve picked up Ares worried, but the dog didn't seem to care, it was only concerned with something outside of the bug.
Alota's elven ears pricked, she too could hear something outside of the bug.  Looking around at Jay, he should really go, he was the highest ranking man after all.  But there was just one problem with that little notion, he was still hung over and even with his high motabilisom he'd still take quite a while for him to become faintly sober.
"You guy's stay here, I'll go check from the top of the bug"  Alota said but paused as Cerebrum came in but whatever it was that was out there wasn't him. 
"There's still something out there, I'll take a lookie" Alota said sleeking forward.  She concentrated really hard and teleported out to the top of the bug.  Glancing around cautiously she spelt something funky,
"Jay I really wish that you wouldn't use the Bug's ariel to air out your dirty socks"  Alota whispered to herself.  She couldn't hear anything, or see perticularily anything.   Her sences where tinted when she heard a snap of a tree branch, then she saw blaster fire shoot at her,
"Shit!" she screamed loud enough for all inside to hear her, then she teleported to the ground, blaster fire followed her as she half walked half ran on all fors, flipping here and there. 
"Shit they are good shots"  she teleported again, but was a little too far from the bug to teleport in there,
"Tip one, never leave without a weapon and tip two never go out looking like you haven't shaved for three millenia, oh mustn't forget tip three, send a man out to do a mans job it's easier"  Alota mumbled as she was shot in the side.   Teleporting again she tried to get in the Bug.  It was a little too far for her to go without knowing her powers too well.    Teleporting into the bug she looked around,
"It'll be quite useful if we get out of here" Cererum said,  at which Alota nodded then collapsed on the floor.
Who's attacking us?  Who cares?  Find out later on BD

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