What a disguise

  L'ontar and L'ornt ran straight in to town and saw Dean and Armer thrown into a limo.
" Eht sreggems" groweled L'ontar under his breath. L'ornt prodded L'ontar hard in the ribs and motioned for him to follow. Shrugging L'ontar followed him straight into a costume shop.
The duo exited in sharp suits looking like a couple of extras from the Rat Pack. "lets go and rescue Dean and Armer said L'ornt walking over to the goon Vinny had left behind.
Adopting a cheesy New york type accent and strolled up to the thug
" Say wheres they going ?" he asked
"What if I dont answer you" grunted the thug
" Then my friend and I'll have to get it out fdrom you painfully" L'ornt said a little grin spread across his face as L'ontar cracked his knuckles threateningly. the thug gulped nervousely and let the two pals know. L'ornt thanked the thug and left L'ontar following behind lunged at the thug who looked like he'd seen a ghost.
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