[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Things Unseen

Who: Coffey, Cerebrum, Jay, Alota, Phil, Eve(Leto),
Zodar(Pyrogen), Ares the cat, Tara
Where: Starbug
When : After Cerebrum boarded
> "Hi, I'm back," he said as he walked in, "I see that
> Phil resigned his position as CSO to join security,
> Jay got drunk and Tara's got amnesia. Anything I
> miss? Don't bother talking, just think your answer."
"Hey, bet you didn't know I was here." said a woman's
voice emanating from thin air at a height of about
"Nurse Coffey?" said Cerebrum, somewhat annoyed. His
telepathic scanning hadn't even picked her up.
"Yup. I'm invisible." Coffey's voice added, "Hey,
watch this."
An arrangement of slightly spiky purple hair appeared
in the air and then faded out.
"Unfortunately, it seems to be a little hard to
control at this point. I'm just lucky I managed to
figured out how to make myself audible. I'm still
working on appearing properly." she added.
"Hey, were you on the Starbug the whole time we were
gone? What were you doing?" said Jay, his somewhat
bloodshot eyes darting about the room.
"Well, you see, I was taking a nap but I'm guessing
that I went invisible when I went to sleep and if
anyone looked for me, all they saw was a slight
indentation on the blankets. So you left without me.
Then I fiddled about with this invisibility thing and
cooked some tapioca pudding up on that pathetic little
kitchen we have in here."
"How come your clothes aren't visible? You are running
about naked, are you Hazel?" questioned Cerebrum, one
eyebrow raised.
"Of course not! All my clothes are invisible as well.
I took one of my shoes off and dropped it on the floor
and it appeared but as soon as I grabbed it, it became
invisible again." explained Coffey.
"Hmm," said Cerebrum,"That would come in awfully
useful when trying to "acquisition" new equipment.
Would you ever be interested in joining the
psychiatric staff?"
An invisible foot quickly trod on his and Cerebrum
glared in several directions, one of which he hoped
the plastic surgeon was in.
"By they way, what were you doing out there Cerebr..."
asked Phil turning to the psychiatrist, but he was
suddenly cut off by the dog who'd wandered in.
"Arrrrrrffff! Arrrrrrf! Aroooooooo! Grrrrrrrr!" spake
the dog at high volume.
Alota's fur puffed out in an instinctive reflex and
her tail began to swish back and forth. Several
members of the crew drew their weapons while Zodar and
Eve readied their respective elemental powers on
whatever was outside the Starbug.
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