Who:- Starbug massive..
Where:- Starbug
When:- When everyone got to the starbug.
Jay, more or less sober now had never been so happy to see..or at
least be in the presence of Hazel, she'd made Tapioca Pudding, and
Jay was hungry. Forgetting about the dog, Tara's memeory loss andd
the mysterious creature outside he headed for the kitchen. Most
people in the 'Bug just saw Jay disappear from his position at the
helm station and reappear in the kitchen, oh, and felt an immense
gust of wind blow through the small shuttle.
He promptly finished all of the pudding, and started on whatever he
could find in the cupboards, ok..so he was fast..but sadly, he was
ALWAYS hungry.
between mouthfuls of Tapioca and Cheese and Marmite Sandwhiches he
spoke. "DontknowaboutyouguysbutIdontreallywannafindoutwhatsoutthere!"
"SLOW" shouted Alota, scaring her husband.
"Dunno about you, but I dont wanna find out whats out there "
"Seconded" said Cerebrum, possibly more concerend about his casino
"Isaywe...sorry..I say we head back to camp"
"We cant leave" came a voice from someone, soemone being Hazel but
noone knew where she was.
"Why?" asked Cerebrum
"Ketos not back yet."
"Again Why?" asked Cerebrum and Jay in unison.
The thing outside got closer.
Jay and Alota armed Bazookoids. Pyrogen and Leto readied their powers
Phil, ate crisps.
<so...WHAT IS IT?!>

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