Keto Returns (A Little Overdue, I Confess)

Who:- Starbug Peeps
Where:- Starbug
When:- Time is an illusion created to fill out the third lines of posts
-- SNIP --
Jay and Alota armed Bazookoids. Pyrogen and Leto readied their powers.
Phil, ate crisps.
-- END SNIP --
There was a rumbling sound, and then several heavy thuds, almost like giant
footfalls. Bazookoids and demi-god powers alike were turned to face the
doorway. Other than the faint crunching of disgustingly-flavoured crisps,
silence fell.
Cerebrum frowned suddenly.
"Wait a moment," he said, but before he could finish whatever he was about to
say, the airlock door was pulled open from the other side.
"I am not in a good mood," growled Keto, making to step inside. His arm was
nearly pulled loose from his shoulder as his hand remained fixed to the airlock
door. With an immense effort, the doctor pulled it free and fell flat on his
"Of all the hideous creatures out there," said Jay, trying to keep his voice
as slow as possible so the clarity of the insult would remain, "It had to be
"You're so funny," growled Keto, "If I wasn't now magnetically sealed to the
floor, I'd laugh. And besides," he continued, trying vainly to roll over, "I
think there might well be something out there."
With another massive effort, Keto managed to crawl up into a sitting position.
As he tried to lurch upright, however, his foot caught something.
"...would somebody kindly explain why the air feels pain?" asked Keto,
frowning more.
"It's Hazel Coffey," volunteered Alota, "She's invisible."
"Interesting," murmured Keto.
"I thought that earlier," interrupted Cerebrum. Keto cursed, and struggled to
his feet.
"Wedon'thavetimeforthis," snapped Jay, "Keto, you said there MIGHT be
something else out there..."
"I wasn't really in a position to find out," muttered Keto, "I've just been
dragged through the floor of a grocery store, along the back of a subway train,
back up to surface level and through a fair distance on the underside of an
armoured car. So please, by all means, step outside and verify for yourself."
Almost as if it were timed, there was an unidentifiable sound from outside the
Bug. Everyone spun round again, Keto clumping to one side. As he did so, he
passed Cerebrum and hissed, "You're telepathy evidently isn't as good as you
think, Cerebrum - if it were, you might have noticed someone stuck to the bottom
of a car you were driving!"
"I did," replied Cerebrum, "What's your point?"

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