Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Limos, slappers and skitzo people!

> "Damn it!" Shouted Pinstripe, "SHUT UP"
> The gag, which hasd loosened in teh fall came lose.
> "Mind my blue suede shoes boyo."
> Armer tried to cradle his head in his arms....
> Madness Takes Its Toll, Please have Exact Change
As all apart from Armer's slowly turned to Dean.
Armer's eyes tried very hard to squeeze shut, just
enough to remove the following sight from his view.
Unfortunately there was nothing he could do about his
other senses. Their was allot of sudden movement, the
sound of screaming and thumping and the smell of
Eventually the gag was put back into place and and
tightened to a painful degree.
(No time for more...)
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