Feeling so left out

Allie walked side-by-side with Katrina down the
streets of the town, which seemed to be going to hell,
as what happened everytime the Blue Dwarf crew went
somewhere. Allie ignored everything but Katrina, who
was yelling at her cat and dog.
"Shut up, you two!" Katrina snapped. "You've eaten
plenty this hour, you can wait till next feeding." She
stopped, staring at cat PITA, who Allie could only
guess was talking back. "Don't use that kind of
language at me! I'll have you neutered so fast-"
"Katrina, quit yelling at them for two seconds and
pay attention to me," Allie demanded.
"Yes, what's on your mind?" Katrina asked politely.
"Nothing. I just want you to shut up for a minute so
I can think, jeez," Allie groaned.
Katrina nodded, pursing her lips.
They continued in silence for a bit, Katrina
listening to the PITAs bitch, but not interferring.
"So, uh, sucks you don't have any powers, huh?"
"Well, I'm dead and now made of light," Allie
continued slowly. "It doesn't suck, it's logical."
"Anyway," Allie continued, "I would rather have no
power than listen to my pets argue over who gets to
crap in the alleyway."
Katrina covered her ears, shuddering. "Please, that
was the worst conversation of my life. Don't repeat
Allie looked around. "Hey, what do you say we find
somewhere to eat that hasn't been infested and
destroyed by our crew yet?"
Katrina shrugged. "If you can find one, I'm in." She
turned to her animals. "Yes, you can come, too."
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