Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Arrival

> The limo pulled up outside a dark, gothic looking
> place...
The door opened and Armer floated out, attemting to
fly quickly away and make his escape. Unfortunately,
someone was holding the rope that he was hogtied with,
so that when armer reached the end of it he sprung
back. Armer impacted into Vinny, (who was the thug
holding the rope) and sent him back into the limo.
Where he hit Dean, who hit The pinstriped man, who hit
the Uzi armed gangster who hit the door on the other
side of the limo. This in turn swung open-hitting a
passerby, who didn't react for 2 minutes-by which time
Armer and Dean had been dragged into the gothic style
Two more gangsters stood insde the door. One nodded
to pinstripe, "Hey, who are these guys?" he jabbed a
finger in the direction of Armer and Dean.
"Dunno, Mikey, they were found outsde town-they had
crashed some sort of ship into a tree. I reckon the
Boss will be interested in them."
"You want me to send a message up to him, Joey?"
"Nah, I'll surprise him-see ya later for the poker
game..." With that the prisoners were marched towards
a lift. Well Dean was marched, Armer was sort of
They couldn't miss Mike mutter "Yeah, right-if your
still alive..." before a bing signalled the arrival of
the elavator.
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