What Is It?

Who: The StarbuggersWhere: The StarbugWhen: Choose a time between then and now.There was something outside the Starbug that was not very nice. That much had been gathered.The group faced the door, ready for the "Whatever it was" to either knock, or break in.In the silence a voice broke out."Ok, whatever you guys do, don't pass wind." Said PyrogenEverybody broke their set positions to look at Pyrogen in disgust."What? I just don't want to be partly responsible for the ship blowing up from the inside, leaving us splattered against the walls. Gas and Flames don't mix." He said, showing a more human side to himself."At least it would speed up the imminent death situation we have here..." Said Alota"We're not going to die." Said Eve"Yeah, how would you know?" Alota said"I did a course on it a while back. In 90% of all extreme cases where someone thinks they are going to die, they don't." Said Eve, taking up her defensive position toward the hatch again."Oh, that's reassuring." muttered Alota under her breath"Shhh, They could break in at any moment. Be quiet." Said KetoThe group took up their readied positions again."Perhaps if we just ignore them, they will go away." Whispered Hazel"Works for me." whispered PyrogenYet, the sounds from outside did not lessen, even though they were only faint.OOC: How am I supposed to know what's outside? :P

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