Cmdr Niples "Death threat"

Commander Seymore Niples
Commanders Office
1900 hours (that's 7pm Captain!)
The commander sat alone at his desk, he was faced with loads of paperwork. The desk was piled high with reports, insurance forms, supply requests and even his electricity bill from home (he must have left the lights on).
Nearly dozing off to sleep he had the strange feeling that someone was watching him, there was something moving behind him. Slowly he turned around and found himself face to face with a laser pistol.
He quickly dived out of the way and the laser fired- burning the stack of paperwork on his desk. The owner of the laser was a small floating robot with two arms, one mechanic arm was grasping the laser pistol while the other arm didn't have a hand- instead it had a rather nasty looking spinning blade.
The robot would have looked pretty scary if someone hadn't drawn a stupid smily face on its metallic body. Niples noticed that the air vent at the back of his office was open- this was presumably how the robot had entered.
It aimed at the Commander again, who was now crouched next to his smouldering desk. As it fired Niples rolled under the beam of deadly light and stopped underneath it. He quickly pushed upwards, knocking the pistol out of the robot's hand and throwing the floating machanoid across the room.
"What do you want?" shouted the panicking Commander.
"Why are you trying to kill me?"
The robot's other hand started to move, the one with the spinning blade. It held the drill out in front and flew towards the officer. Niples reached for his hard-back copy of 'War and Peace' and held it in front of him to block the gruesome blade. The blade hit the book and the spinning drill tore the pages away- making a large hole in the thick book.
Niples took this opportunity to fight back, he punched the robot in the head while it was preoccupied tearing through page after page of the classic novel. The punch didn't go very well, as Niples soon discovered.
He clenched his broken knuckles in agony.
The robot finished making confetti out of the book and charged for Niples once more. Niples was backed against a wall, so he ducked. The Robot's spinning blade hitting the wall and digging in. But the wall was too tough, it held firm. With the blade not being able to spin anywhere- the robot started spinning instead making a strange mechanical screem as it spun faster and faster. Niples anticipated what was going to happen and dived behind his couch.
The robot reached maximum angular velocity and its arm snapped off- sending the machine flying across the room where it hit the wall and exploded. Shards of metal flew everywhere and a very sharp piece of steel embedded itself in the couch just above Niples' head.
On the metal shard were written these words:
"This robot was created on behalf of the Clarkson Brethren- (All rights reserved.)
If you have any complaints with our products please ring our free hotline."
There was a number, but it was partly scratched off.
Niples headed out of his office and went straight to the med-bay to fix his broken knuckles. Then he would go to the Captain and report it. On second thoughts, the Captain wouldn't care so he decided to go straight to Security and tell Major Harris.
One thing was for sure, the Clarkson Brethren definately had it in for him.
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