Gronial Attachments and delayed effects

who : Those in the Febuguure quarters
When : After WW said his stuff.
Where : Phil's pad.
"hmmm, intresting..."
"What the hell do you mean? Intresting??? Are you mad ...Who are you gonna call?" screamed WW into Phil's knee(he just fell over as he said the sentance)
"No, I mean that there appears to be no Visable effect on Jay...hmmm...I might take a while to kick in...."
"Pardon?" Said Jay, rather worried..
"Look, I have an Idea, WW, you call Allota, Jay you get in touch with Seymour, I'll get a quard together and go and handle nipples...heh heh heh..."
"Why you laughing Phil?" asked Jay
"Sorry...Don't you get it? I'll handle Niples....Handle Niples?...Oh never mind...."
"But we only got time for one call..." This was WW speaking again, and for some reason, had just removed a blue smurf from his fur...
"Okay, Call Alota then...Although I still think WW should make the call, not Jay..."
Phil caught Jay's "Don't tell him" look
"Well, I'm gonn need Jay to fly me and my posse down to the planet ASAP..."
Phil looked at his watch again and then at Jay...."That should have reallu kicked in by now..."
<<WW or Jay??>>
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