OOC- unveiling of something never before seen... (only to a few hon

Hello everyone, just a quick note to say that I'll be away this weekend.
Keep on with the New Ibiza storyline, I want everyone to get down there and
kick some giant insect arse.
If anyone wants to use the young volumpuous queen as an NPC then make her
come through her wormhole to see what's going on and flash her royal boobs
at BD crewmembers to get their attention and stop her flat being destroyed.
You can also use Seymour and Efof as NPC's too, I'm in a sharing mood today!
And who wants some more even brillianter news?
The NEW BLUE DWARF WEBSITE is fully uploaded and available!
Just go to www.bluedwarf.co.uk, some bits are still in construction but you
can access most of it. And even though the downloads section says it's still
in construction, you can access the Blue Dwarf official video page.
Let me know your opinions on the new site :-)
David "Onion" Ball
Captain Seymour Niples, JMC Blue Dwarf
He went to kiss her, but remembering her recent wave of vomiting, thought
better of it and went to kiss her hand. The first one he went for was
covered in vomit, so he changed his mind and went for the other. That one
was covered in blood.
What a predicament for a gentleman.
(Katrina Swete+Seymour Niples, BlueDwarf.co.uk)
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