OOC : MP's bio

I thought that it was about time Jay's favorite midget clone got his own bio, so here we go
Name : Mini-Phil(aka MP)
Age : 2 months
Height : 2foot 6
Appearnce : The same as Phil's, only 1/8th in size
History :When Phil got killed, Rufs and Amber cloned him. Unfortunalty, they made a mistake in the first attempt and created MP. For some odd reason, he can only speek in "EEEE"...
In all respect MP IS Phil, but more compacted. Also he seems to do things that normal Phil would't do. He is also very smutty. He likes Dean Thomas, but for some reason gets on Jay's wick
Favorite sayings : "EEEEEEEE", "EEEE!", "E"
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