Kara stood up as she heard the radio sputter to life.
"Come on what's it saying?"
The radio finally came through.
"Attack on New Iziba!"
"Smeg that's where Jay went! Me best mate that I know is still living and he
could get killed. Sorry girls but duty calls!"
She started up the Starbug and got the smeg going. As she flew through space
hoping to be part of any reinforcements for the people stuck on that beach.
"Finally some action. I haven't had a good shooting since I became a bloody
She boosted the Starbug to go as fast as it could. Suddenly something
strange happened. The engines quit out but the Starbug kept going. Kara
tried to make the 'Bug get back online but all atttempt were useless.
"What the smeg have I done?"
Next thing she knew the Starbug crash landed on an unknown planet. Kara got
out and saw the horrid landscape.
"Great. This is all I need crashing on an unknown planet. I must have hit
some sort of dimension rip or something but where have I landed?"
She looked around then an earthquake started and the planet began to change.
She tried to get back to the Starbug but it was gone.
"What the smeg is going on?!"
The planet stopped changing it had turned into a different landscape.
"Oh God no don't tell me I've landed on a-urk!"
A rock then hit her in the head. She bolted around and drew her gun.
"All right you git come out and I might ont kill you for that little stunt."
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