Wipeout + The Chrylser Manuver(lite version)

Who : Phil, MP, Sydra etc
Where : Crashed Bug
When :a After Allota and Jay did their MIB bit.
Phil woke up to see himself...
"oooh...I must be having one of those out of body experinces..."
"Sorry sir, it's your clone..You just passed out.."
"Dang...Sometimes I wish I was a hologram again, didn't pass out so much then...?"
Sydra looked up from what she was doing..."You WERE a hologram?" How that possible?"
"Long story...Where are we by the way..."
"Floating on the sea..."
"Is white Wolf okay...he's doing a very good impression of a vegtable right now?"
"Seach me I havn't a clue.."
"Yes sir"
"Quite i'm trying to think....."
Sydra had to ask the next question on her brain..."Does he allways..."
Phil interruped "Yes, I'm afraid he does...It seems like only a few people can understand him..."
"EEEEEEEEE!" - This time MP was jumping up and down and pointing...
"Look, I don't care if you can see the female nudist beech from here just calm down..."
"Sir, I think you best look at this...."
The worried tone in her voice made Phil look where the midget was pointing.
"Bloody hellfire!"
There was a big pond skater type creature heading towards the beech....No, make that two...three, hell there was loads of 'em.
"We've got to get to warn those people on the beech..."
"But how sir, the bug's comms is...well, buggered, and all we got to warn them with was taken by Jay and Allota. All we got left is a few guns we brought along.."
Phil looked around the craft. Luky for him, Dean had decided to store a few items on this bug...
"Oh contrare, I have a plan. Sydra, youre in charge of looking after this ship. Defend it from those water bugs in anyway you can got that?....Me and the midget have a job to do..."
** On the Beach..**
Niples was draging Efof along behind him, away from the bar. He was hoping that the reinforcements he asked for would get here soon...
"Where the bloody hell are they" he thought, then suddn;e y realising he had let go of Efof.
"Sir...I think I have gone made..."
"Why in heavens name is that..."
"Well, I think I can see MP and Phil surfing a giant wave heading towards this beech blasting the living daylights out of anything that moves..."
Insert "Wipeout" surfing music here....
<<Niples, or Sydra>>
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