The attack

Who: Cerebrum
Where: New Ibiza
Using his strange psychiatric powers of being able to be exactly where he needed to be when nobody else wanted him there, Dr Cerebrum stepped out of a closet in a hotel on New Ibiza (okay, he had purchased an inflatable teleporter from Shlock Industries, but the point the still stands.)
Cerebrum walked out of the hotel, looked at the aliens running around eating people, and walked back in. He pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number. "Hello, AIM? Good, I need some mercenaries fast. New Ibiza. Equip them with pulse rifles."
In a few minutes, a small ship containing a dozen mercenaries arrived. They had been paid triple their regular fee, and the bill had been divided been Cain of the security department and Dr Keto.
"Okay boys, let's get cracking. Activate shoulder lamps and flush 'em out with grenades," he said to his assembled crew of mercenary marines.

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