Who : Phil, Jay/Rio and Cerebrum , plus those in ParrotsWhere : ParrotsWhen : After Vannessa shutdown.Phil walked down the corridor with MP, looking for a fight. After letingVannesa go to meet Jay, Phil was pissed off and wanted to hurt someone,anyone. It was just so unfair. Even MP was miffed."eeeeeeeee...", Pointed at a running Cerebrum"Where?"* Thud *Cerebrum had literlly ran into Phil knocking him over"Out of my way, I'm busy, you-" Cerebrum started to say, then got a betterlook at who he'd hit."Oh my God, please don't kill me, it was an accident! I didn't mean to!"Cerebrum wailed, dropping to his knees."Cerebrum, why would I want to kill you. It's only a scuffed shirt...I'm notthat nasty...I mean it's not like that dream I had where you had swappedover Ambers and Dena's mind...Mind you in the same dream there was Barneythe Dinosaur dressed as a clown doing a morris dance, but I put that down tothe bug I had""Your dream is real Phil...""What you mean Barney the dinosaur is REALLY dressed as a CLOWN doing amorris dance on this ship????""Nope, the other bit...""Aha..thats a relife.""So you not angry?""Nope...Although I am in the mood for a good run and guess what? You've beenvollentered...start running now!""If you kill me, nobody will be able to restore you daughter back into herreal body," Cerebrum said, cautiously, getting back up and slowly startingto back away. "I'm the only one on board this ship who knows who to rebuildthe mind-swapper.""Bugger...You know what your right...I can't harm you....I smack the livingdaylights out of Dean instead!""You can't do that either...He's in Ambers body remeber....""Arghhhhh...Nackers...You what, I think I'll let you go now...I'm gonna getpissed in Parrots. When this is over and things are back to what I jokeinglyrefer to as *normal*..Then Mr Cerebrum, you and me are going to have...alittle chat okay?"Phil left Cerebrum and headed towards Parrots"Whew," Cerebrum muttered, leaning up against a nearby wall. "Crisisaverted."

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