another day, another JP...with J and P

** Warning, long post containing midget bashing **
Taking a stool at the bar in parrots Jay spoke to Owen "Usual mate"
Owen nodded and poured a bacardi and coke and placed in on the bar. "Um, owen...sorry...Jays usual please"
"Jays usual?"
"Umm...yeh...he uh...insists its good for the coordination, y'know for piloting"
There was a voice to Jay/Rio's left...."Can I have a pint of Jack Daniels and a stellar for the midget"
"Now Phil, you know what happens when you drink..."
"Yes and do you know I've not inspected this place yet for breachs of regulations?"
"One Pint of JD coming up"
"And a stellar"
"A Pint of JD? Jesus Phil youre gonna die man!" Jay said
Phil turned and laughed, "Dont tell the wife, can I get you anything?"
"You can get that midget away from me that'll do!" Jay said paying Owen for his pint and taking a swig, Phil noticing the pilots wings on Rio's uniform said "I can tell Jays running your department!, let me guess,, Stellas a 'concentration enhancer?'"
"how did you guess?"
"Lets just say that I've know Jay's way for quite some time..."
Owen brought over the pint for Phil, who sliped a £$100 bill over.
Taking another long swig and finishing the pint Jay ordered another "Woah" siad Phil "Looks like your having a good night Miss..?"
" Lomaz...and yeh, gotta drown some sorrows"
"Well, It can't be as bad as me...I just basically killed my best freinds sister. Her bloody matrix wasn't stable and had more holes in it then MP's underwear"
Phil noticed the way Rio turned away from him at this point, and looked down into her glass. "Yeh..well.."
Phil necked the pint down in one and shuddered as it hit.
Phil was thinking to himself "don't stare at her body, don't stare at her body or mention anything about her chest"
" worried about, your young, healthy and if Tara hears me say got a cracking set on you ohshitdidijustsaythat?"
"Oh great now you got him started!" Jay shouted "Phil you melon its me!"
"What Lomez?"
"No!!!...Look I'll Show you...who do you know who would do this?"
Jay/Rio Picked up MP and went to the machine that cleaned the glasses, stuck MP inside , turned it on for a few seconds then puled out an almost drowned midget...
"YES!" he said "I wasn't gonna say anything 'cos frankly, this is embarrasing but when you start making comments like that about me..." he stopped talking and shuddered..."Man I need another drink.."
"You're not the only one.....Did I really just say ...."
Phil let the comment hang in the air like a stale fart.
"ME, Dean and all the pilots including Amber got involved with Cerebrum..lets put it that way" Jay said, frowning at a bloke who just stood in front of him, blcoking his view of the football on TV. "Damn this half-pint body!"
Phil pulled out his mini-stun gun and fired it at the bloke standing in front of Jay.
"Was that neccessary?" asked Jay
"Not really, but I needed to shoot something...since I can't do anything to Cerebrum just yet"
"When will the twitching stop?"
"In about 5 mins, then he'll be okay. By the way...what happened to Amber?"
"Umm.....shes in...oh..god..shes in me" Jay said, suddenly realising the implications there. A random bloke from security came over and place and arm on Jays shoulder "Hey baby.. what say you and me.."
Jay cut him off mid sentence gesturing at his arm said "Take it off or I'll break it off"
"Jay you might want to move from there..."
"Why, I can the footie now!"
"Well lets just might get messy...."
With that MP, having just recoved from his washing, decided to throw up, lukly missing Jay but hitting the security goon. He was just about to ro-sham-bo MP when he spotted Phil sitting nearby and an empty pint glass.
"Uh sorry sarge!" said the goon "I'll leave yer midget alone"
"Phil you bloody muppet! wouldve enjoyed seeing that!"
"He'd only turn around and ro-sham-bo you!" Phil said
"Mate" Jay replied "Look at me, I got a smeggin immunity to it while im in thes body!"
"Yeah, well my DAUGHTER hasn' dig what I'm saying?"
Jay had a vision of returning to his own body with ro-sham-bo syndrome. " of pool mate?" he whimpered, jumping down from the bar stool and nearly breaking Rios ankles from her shoes.
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