Planning, Decisions... man this is hard!

Allie Fletcher pulled another wedding-related
catalog out from the pile on her bed and began to flip
through it. This one was full of wedding dresses and
bridesmaid dresses. Was it just her or did were all
bridesmaid gowns supposed to be so ugly? It was like
this-the bride wore a dress that made her look as thin
and beautiful as possible, while her friends looked as
tacky as hookers. It seemed strange but no bride
wanted their friends looking better than her.
Allie marked the pictures with a system of post-it
notes-pink for the dresses she really liked, yellow
for the ones she sort of liked, and green for the ones
she wasn't sure she liked. She hoped they had these
available for holograms.
When she'd finished with that magazine, she grabbed
the next one. This one had every kind of wedding
invitation you could ever imagine.
She sighed. Marriage. Allie never thought she'd get
married, and even less thought married to someone like
White Wolf! He had to be the most unique person in the
whole universe. How had she ever gotten so lucky? To
think, the first time they'd ever really had a
conversation was when he was telling her he'd give her
another chance after almost killing the crew.
"Holly?" Allie called.
"Yes, Allie?" was the response.
"Will you tell White Wolf I'll be stopping by his
quarters later to drop off some magazines with tuxes
and such I want him to look at for the wedding?" she
"Righto, will do," Holly said and disappeared.
It made Allie very nervous when that computer seemed
to understand something.
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