money making scams.

Who:- Jay/rio. Phil, Mini-Phil.
Where:-  Parrots.
Heading toward the pool tables Jay noticed something. "Phil..wait" he said.
"What?" FeBuggure asked, puzzled "We could get ourselves a little more cash if we play our cards right"
"How?!" Phil said, not sure what his friend was on about. "Mate I think your new body cant quite handle your usual intake of alcohol..."
"Trust me!" said Jay, he turned to mini-phil "Stop rubbing your legs at me or when I get back in my body I'll use the Phoenix to Ro-sham-bo you"
"Ouch.." said Phil "Why wait?!"
"Cant reach the pedals in this body..and if i adjust the seat I'll never get it back how I like it!" he turned back to Mini-Phil
"Go to my quarters, in the living room you'll find my pool cue, bring it here" 
"EEE!" said Mini-Pnil  and gave  a salute
"WAIT!" Jay shouted "Go anywhere near Alotas underwear drawer you WILL regret it"
the smile dropped from Mini-Phils face.
"So whats this plan of yours?"
"Well...see those guys around the pool tables?"
"They will NEVER bet money on a game with me 'cos they know chances are I'll win"
"THey've also seen Rio play when weve been in here a few times after work, shes awful"
"Well if Rio challenges them to a game with stakes they will bet everything they have....and .underhanded as it may gonna clean em out!"
Jasmine and Kara/Dean walked in at this point.
Jasmine laughed whan she saw Jay then quickly stopped when Mini-Phil barged passed her holding Jays cue high above his head.
"Phil" said Jay "By the ladies a drink and meet me at the tables!"
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