Too young for anything...

Dean, in Amber's body of course, couldn't get into Parrotts. Hence why at the moment Amber's body was currently in the air duct. Getting soaked, as it was time for the hourly cleaning...
"Yeuch." said Amber, "Hmm.. BlowDry.", was all she could say as the massive driers started up. "Did I just say that? I need out of this body, quick!"
Eventually, Amber found the vent into Parrotts. She crawled out, with a perfectly clean uniform, and immaculate hair. "Incredible what hairdriers do these days." she said, Standing up. "Owen, Usual." "Actually, Miss Febuggure, you've never been here before, you're 16th birthday?"
"Ok, make it...oh, I dunno, Dean's usual, lets see what he drinks."
"If you must." said Owen, donning the chemical mask.
"Hey, Rio!" said Amber, wandering over to the pool tables, with a a pint of vicious looking liqour.
"Hey, Dad." said Amber, then muttered "Suppose we should really keep up appearances...."
Dean "No, honestly, I'm me!" Thomas
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