Floating Cues...

"Well..."  THWACK Dean was hit on the side of the head with the white ball "SHUT UP!!!" Jay shouted, he had still managed to pot three balls with that shot, god knows what he was moaning about, especially with the music and general hustle of the bar, Dean wondered if Jay was just looking for an excuse to deal some pain upon him.
"Oi Jay...dont fling balls at my daughter" Said Phil. "Ohh...another £50!"
<END SNIP>Dean was still smarting from the indignity of being whacked by a ball, and decided to get his own back on Jay.
"Yeh, well, he'll need it, after all, I hear that Amber has spent over £30,000 of Jay's money on plastic surgery (to improve his mug), and some of that also went on pedicure, manicure, a new haircut, oh, and some clothes..."
Everyone watched as Rio suddenly sprinted out of the hall, attention returned to the pool game in time to see the cue finally drop to the felt.
"Is that true?" asked Phil
"Nope, but he shouldn't have hit me."
"That is a point."
"Ahh...deception can be so refreshing, now to get a REAL drink!" said Amber, heading towards the bar, Phil tripped her up.
"She'll have a coke." said Phil to Owen.
Dean "No, honest! Oh, forget it!" Thomas
<OOC:revenge is sweet....>

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